You heard it here first – Blaster Lashley vs. Brock Lesnar.

Why not? Two WWE stars that have made their way to MMA.

Ok so first Lashley has to beat someone of significance and sign on with the UFC but it didn’t exactly take Lesnar years to get his shot. A couple fights and there he was with the heavyweight belt opportunity.

20081217-175320-pic-192042981_t180Lashley wasn’t as decorated a WWE star as Lesnar but he’s another impressive specimen of a human and so what if he had some time off due to elevated liver enzymes (hint: that’s not a problem that is associated with too many smoothies from Lashley’s health food shop that he opened in 2007).

Lashley beat Joshua Franklin and was scheduled to throw around Ken Shamrock until Shamrock ended up with a little too much Vitamin S showing up in his system. Ironic. Wonder how his liver enzymes were behaving? As an aside, Shamrock vs. Kimbo is rescheduled for an alley in Ft. Lauderdale this summer.

Shamrock’s replacement was Jason Guida and Lashley took him with a unanimous decision. With that win he was 2-0 and next up is another sideshow in Bob Sapp.

It remains to be seen if Lashley is for real and while Lesnar has turned some heads in the UFC, the jury is still out on his legitimacy against the top heavyweights.

It’s easy to dismiss it now as entertaining speculation, but if Lashley can put together a few more wins do not be surprised if you see him in a UFC octagon in late 2009 with Lesnar on the horizon.

All they would need is Vince McMahon and the match to end in a double disqualification to officially see the transformation of UFC to WWE.