Though it took place three weeks ago it’s likely UFC 139 is still on the minds of many given the evening’s high-level of entertainment including an epic showdown between Dan Henderson and Mauricio Rua.

However, while the world watched what took place in the Octagon, only a select few had access backstage. One of those individuals was, of course, UFC President Dana White (or one of his assistants more specifically) who documented the immediate fallout from each bout and put the footage out there this week on White’s video blog for UFC 140.

Watch Martin Kampmann say the judges were “on crack” while joking that he needs to learn to not get hit so much, Cung Le deflated after falling to Wanderlei Silva, and Rua looking bruised and battered as he talks to a CSAC official. Other moments include White telling Stephan Bonnar to not be so hard on himself after receiving a solid dose of boos during his bout, and congratulating Henderson on an incredible performance.

Check out the video below:

MMATraining Take: Another awesome job by the UFC production team by delivering this video as it gives incredible insight into what is really going on at MMA events. Fans owe it to themselves to watch this as they did similar vlogs relating to UFC 136, UFC 137, and UFC 138.