matt-hughesThey are going down harder and faster each time.

Matt Hughes is just the latest of the original legends that built the UFC that are now sticking around too long.  21 second too long to be exact. 

Ask an aging professional athlete in any sport why they keep competing when they are clearly past their prime and the response is consistent – what else would I do?

With the UFC it is a lethal combination of a need to compete and the ability to cash in.

Tito Ortiz shows up against a generally average Matt Hamill and puts in an incredibly average performance in a loss – and pockets a quarter of a million.  No doubt that’s a raise from the early days of the UFC.

We watched Chuck get knocked out brutally not once, not twice but three times.   When he regained consciousness he asked, “is my Ferrari ok?”.

Randy is playing it smart.  Cashing in by fighting big names.   Let’s hope his days battling the next wave of stars is over. 

You could read Matt Hughes’ lips when he came to at UFC 123 when he said, “what happened?”.  

What happened Matt is you just made millions of dollars per hour in the octagon and while those paydays are available we’re going to watch more of our legends…fall.

He will likely be looking up the best golf course directory soon enough.