When former UFC light heavyweight champ Lyoto Machida fought Randy Couture he knew to focus his training on dirty boxing and takedown attempts; against Quinton Jackson on boxing and the risk of being slammed. However, when it comes to upcoming opponent Jon Jones, Machida hasn’t targeted any specific technique or discipline – he’s targeted all of them.

Machida spoke about Jones, a dynamic competitor whose title he’ll fight for in the main event on December 10 at UFC 140, where he said he understands the champion’s unique style necessitates the need to be polished in every way.

“I watch and study Jon Jones’ fights thoroughly and really it’s about preparing for everything,” Machida explained in an interview with the UFC before asking rhetorically, “What spectacular thing is he going to do? Is he going to fly or is he going to be diving in?”

“There’s always going to be a surprise factor with Jon Jones,” he continued. “All you can really do is prepare for everything he might try to do. If I do that I will be ready to face whatever he is going to bring during the fight.”

The 17-2 Brazilian also went on to reveal how much bringing divisional gold back to his home country would mean to him, especially after having experienced the sensation in 2009 after defeating Rashad Evans to procure the strap.

“Having won the belt before I think it makes you hunger for it more. You want to feel the weight of that heavy belt on your waist after winning. That gives me a lot of drive to get the belt back…I will be champion again.”

Check out the full interview below:


MMATraining Take: There’s nothing wrong with being prepared for anything, and maybe he’s just playing his hand wisely rather than reveal strategy, but it sounds like he doesn’t see many (if any) flaws in Jones’ attack. The less focus there is on one specific area the more diluted the training process becomes. Too many chefs spoil the soup as it were. I’d feel more confident in Machida if he said he saw a hole in Jones’ technique so this interview is just one more reason I’ll be picking Jones comes showtime.