Lytle In a Bloody Battle

We are less than 24 hours away from watching UFC on Versus 5 where Dan Hardy and Chris Lytle will headline the event.  However, we are just learning that Chris “Lights Out” Lytle has announced this will be his final fight in a sport which he’s been participating in for years.  The decision to retire is due to family reasons and Lytle wanting to be a better father to his four children.

“I’ve been fighting since ’98, fighting forever, a lot of it is just that I’m not doing my responsibilities like I need to at home.  I feel like I’m not being the type of dad I want to.  I got four kids and lots of times I feel just an immense sense of guilt for not being there in times when I should.”

Lytle, who also works as a full time firefighter in Indiana, made his UFC debut in November 2000 at UFC 28.  He lost the bout via unanimous decision to Ben Earwood.

If you watched the weigh-ins you may have noticed Lytle handing UFC president Dana White a note.  Lytle later admitted the note was a thank you letter for White in which he expressed his gratitude and confirmed this would be his last fight.

Lytle has expressed his interest in becoming a politician and is considering running for Indiana State Senate after his UFC career comes to an end.  He mentioned the decision would be greatly influenced by his family.

Lytle unlike so many other sport athletes is smartly walking away from a sport he loves at the right time and for the right reasons.  There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be a better father to your children and be able to spend more time with the ones you love.  So come tomorrow night, the UFC fans will say goodbye to another true warrior of the octagon.  This comes within a week of another UFC veteran, Matt “The Hammer” Hamill, also making the choice to retire from the sport. The guys at will miss you Chris.