One part promotion, one part personal animosity, there’s no doubt the rivalry between TUF 14 coaches Michael Bisping and Jason “Mayhem” Miller will be one of the highlights of the newest season of the Ultimate Fighter when it debuts on Spike TV next Wednesday. However, according to all involved parties, their explosive relationship will only be icing on what is said to be a season full of delicious dances in the Octagon.

Both sides of the Ultimate Fighter Season 14 coin were made clear yesterday in a conference call with media where Bisping and Miller matched insults throughout while still hyping the contestants’ clashes as well.

“His mouth is definitely bigger than his brain. He’s very childish and easy to get one up on him,” Bisping said of Miller. “I wouldn’t say I hate him. Hate is a strong word. Do I find him annoying and irritating? Yes I do. Do I want to knock him out on December 3? Yes I do? Do I want to see harm befall him and his family? No.”

Miller had a different take when it came to the h-word, explaining, “As a person, I hate him, but at the end of the day we’re all fighters and there is a brotherhood amongst fighters. All of us.”

“The Count” also made light of the notion that some of his excitement about the show’s debut relates to no longer needing to explain who Miller actually is when people ask him about his next fight.

On the positive side, “Mayhem” did point out how impressed he was by the talent-level of both teams and said it also inspired him on a personal level.

“The coaching aspect really got me amped to train,” Miller stated. “I was like, ‘Wow, look how much effort these guys are putting in the room!’ and it got me reinvigorated…”

The fourteenth and final season of TUF starts on September 21 with the bantamweight/featherweight winners being crowned in a live event on December 3.

Below is an extended preview of TUF 14 including news about a new $25,000 bonus for certain fighters:


MMATraining Take: What else is there to say other than I’m in? I love that they’re featuring the UFC’s newest divisions to not only highlight how good 135/145 pounders can be but also introduce a few new stars into a semi-stale mix. Bisping/Miller should make for fantastic coaches because they’re not only colorful and bound to have some great verbal exchanges on the show, but both men also know what they’re doing in the gym and appear to have been invested in their teams.