As you can imagine, MMA gyms in California are arguably the best in the US. With powerhouse training facilities like AKA, King’s MMA and Temecula’s gyms, it may seem daunting to jump into an MMA world where the talent pool (and the money needed to participate) is so great. With so much attention given to the gyms that host professional level fighters, people tend to run straight to the brand they know without a second thought of what else might be out there. One example of quality MMA in California is seen at Chute Boxe in Long Beach. Chute Boxe, for those who do not know, has a reputation of producing some of the most brutal fighters ever. The Brazilian flagship that has hosted Wanderlei Silva, Anderson Silva, Shogun Rua and many more, Chute Boxe is ingrained with tradition and prestige; You will be hard-pressed to find a gym with more street cred than this one.

Another instance of imported quality is found at the relatively new Black House branch in San Diego, hosted by none other than the Nogueria brothers. Responsible for maintaining championship caliber fighters, Black House has served as the banner in which Lyoto Machida, Anderson Silva, Junior Dos Santos and the previously mentioned Nogueria brothers. You know that, with so much to live up to, any gym with the name Black House on the front  will have what you need. The location in San Diego is no different, offering multiple coaches for your muay thai, BJJ, MMA, grappling, boxing and strength/conditioning training.

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