Would you be surprised if I told you there was a strong MMA presence in Georgia? Would it seem more reasonable once you are reminded that former champions Forrest Griffin and Brian Bowles call Georgia their home? It’s no surprise that with such a deep talent pool gyms in Georgia have been growing from the ground to harness and wield that talent and evidence of that is seen in the quality of training available. One such facility is The HardCore Gym, located in Athens. Ran by the Singer brothers, Adam and Rory, The HardCore Gym is host to former Champion and current number one contender Brian Bowles. One thing this gym has to offer is experience as both Singer brothers have been involved with MMA for a long time and are a constant staple when the topic is good quality martial arts.

Another gym with just as many name dropping opportunities comes in Paul Creighton Mixed Martial Arts, found in Duluth, Georgia. A Jiu Jitsu middleweight champion, Mr. Creighton is as accomplished a grappler can get, being a Junior Olympic gold medalist, two time coach for the US Jiu jitsu team and boasting a 134-16-1 wrestling record. The quality isn’t only found in the head instructor, however. Creighton MMA hosts several BJJ coaches with over 10 years experience in grappling.

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