When one thinks of a Mixed Martial Arts event, so many images come to mind. Two fighters doing what fighters do, an army of lights scanning over thousands of fans roaring for action, all within the confines of a single building. So many places have had the opportunity to capture the majesty of an MMA event, but no place on earth can claim to possess the prestige found in Las Vegas, Nevada. Host to some of the biggest sports events in history, Nevada has grown into what some consider to be the entertainment capital of the world. As the mecca of MMA in the US, it’s no surprise that gyms in Nevada hold the quality and grandeur that you could expect from a place that defines itself on two words: Bigger and Better.

No gym exemplifies those words better than Tapout Training Center in Las Vegas. With the most prominent name in Mixed Martial Arts you would expect nothing but the finest of coaches and facilities, and TCC delivers. Acting as head striking coach is the world-renowned Shawn Tompkins, who has taught the likes of Randy Couture, Dan Henderson, Vitor Belfort and Mark Hominick. If you are worried about grappling, don’t be. Vinny Magalhaes, multiple world champion and Royler Gracie black belt heads the BJJ program. It simply doesn’t get better than what TCC offers.

Another gym of platinum quality is Drysdale Jiujitsu, also located in Las Vegas. Offering classes in Muay Thai and MMA, you know you will get to learn the things you want to know. Jiujitsu, however, is where this gym shines. Robert Drysdale, owner of the gym, boasts one of the most impressive BJJ resumes ever and is considered by the MMA community to be one of the best BJJ practitioners ever. Evidence of this is seen in the multiple BJJ and MMA champions Drysdale himself has produced.

No matter where you look, Nevada is sure to have a gym that suits you. If you didn’t find what you wanted in this article, make sure to look at our full gym directory!