MMA Gyms in Washington are springing up all over the place. Washington state has always been known for strong support of athletics, which is no surprise when you step foot in the state for the first time. Locals are avid about their teams throughout all sports, so it was only natural that MMA has found it’s place into the hearts of people throughout the state, causing many talented and passionate people to flock to the top of the northwest-pacific. Such talent and passion is evident in the many gyms spread across the evergreen state; One example is seen at the Gracie Barra gym in Seattle. Rodrigo Lopes serves as head instructor of the Seattle branch and carries a great reputation with him being not just a black belt, but as a certified instructor under Carlos Gracie Jr. The gym teaches much more than BJJ, however. With two wrestling coaches and Muay Thai available, you can be assured this gym will have what you are looking for.

            If Mixed Martial Arts and Washington are placed into the same sentence, you will most likely hear the name Matt “The Wizard” Hume. Respected throughout the MMA world by fighters and coaches, Hume is widely considered one of the best trainers and tacticians the MMA world has ever seen. Owner and head instructor at AMC Pankration, Hume is involved in more faucets of the MMA world than maybe anyone else. The knowledge and experience available at this gym is something you can’t put a price tag on. Hosting several champion kick boxers, grapplers and trainers, there is few places you can get as much as you could out of AMC Pankration.

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