Ever watch a kid play baseball? If they are any position other than the pitcher or catcher there is a good chance they are eating their gloves or some grass.

How about soccer? A lot of grass eating and standing around going on in that one too.

Hockey can be intense for sixty seconds at a time, with some gliding in between, before you sit on the bench and rest for several minutes.

You name the sport and I would argue that MMA ranks first as the most physically demanding on the athlete.

It starts with the training which instead of practice being from 2:00 – 4:00 pm on a given day, “practice” in MMA is an all day event with some breaks in between. Be it cardiovascular, weights, sparring or technical, the professional MMA competitor is at “practice” seemingly the entire day.

Then take the event itself. Five minutes of all out strength, endurance and strategy for three or five rounds. Rest for a split second during the match and you will lose, it is that simple.

There isn’t a sport you can name that matches the requirements of the training leading up to the fight and then the contest itself.

A look at MMATraining.com’s Top Ten Most Physically Demanding Sports:

1. Mixed Martial Arts

2. Ironman triathlon

It is grueling no doubt about it, but nobody is kicking you in the face while you pound the pavement for hours

3. Hockey

Football at a faster pace

4. Rugby

Football without the equipment

5. Football

Physically demanding yes, but the positional aspect of the game allows for plenty of recovery time in between plays and as well as the offence to defense changes

6. Swimming
Image of Michael Phelps, courtesy of msn.com


Michael Phelps burns 4,000 calories per workout. Enough said.

7. Basketball

Heavy cardiovascular factor, lower on the physical contact

8. Soccer

Top guys in this sport are in amazing shape

9. Motocross

Try it, you’ll be sore.

10. Checkers

Sorry golf fans – even checkers ranks ahead in this category.

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