One of the best technical wrestlers to step foot inside the Octagon, Xtreme Couture’s Gray Maynard will look to keep his impressive perfect record alive when he walks into the cage October 25th at UFC 90 to face Rich Clementi. Clementi is coming off 6 straight wins and Maynard will look to put an end to that and move up the crowded UFC lightweight ladder. We caught up with Maynard at Xtreme Couture to discuss Clementi, his own training at XC and who he feels are the top 3 Pound for Pound fighters in the world today.

How is your training for Rich Clementi coming along and what types of problems does he pose?

Training is going great. We always have top level training camps at Xtreme Couture because of the athletes and coaches who are at the gym. Rich Clementi is a problem for anyone at 155 lbs; his experience and knowledge of the sport make him a dangerous opponent. That challenge always makes these fights intriguing to me, I want to get out of my comfort zone and fight the best guys I can.

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Tell us what training at Xtreme Couture has done for your career.

Xtreme Couture is a melting pot of MMA athletes and coaches. What makes Xtreme Couture so different is the eagerness to share all that knowledge along with grueling workouts and a competitive room.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years within the sport?

I see myself competing against the best athletes at my weight. If it includes a belt thats great, but my main focus is to challenge myself with every fight so when Im done with this sport I can honestly believe I took the harder path and fought the best in the world.

How important is wrestling in terms of a transition into MMA?

I think wrestling is a sport that teaches mental toughness most of all. But its also sport that uses every muscle and reflex you have, which makes it easier to learn and transition to other sports because you know how to control your whole body and how it moves and reacts.

If you could give any advice to a young and upcoming fighter what would it be?

Learn the sports individually, don’t be in a rush. Really try to excel at each sport, that is what will build the winning attitude that will take you farther than any technique. Combat sports are 90% mental and 10% technique.

What would be your dream fight? Any era regardless of weight classes.

Right now we have two of the most dominant fighters in the history of the sport, Anderson Silva and Fedor. Those would be a great challenge and an honor to be able to compete against them. I think thats why I look up to Randy Couture the most, he wants to compete against the best.

Top 3 Pound for Pound

Anderson Silva, Fedor, and Randy Couture.