Light heavyweight Muhammed Lawal made news yesterday when it was revealed the former Strikeforce champion had signed with Bellator FC in addition to inking a deal with TNA Wrestling. However, it appears “King Mo” wasn’t done grabbing headlines based on his stop by the MMA Uncensored studios on last night’s episode.

On the show Lawal spoke about his decision to join the Bellator to roster where he referred to his previous employer in less-than glowing terms.

“Zuffa’s okay,” Lawal began on the topic before things took a turn towards the worst. “They’re alright if you like working long days … in a hot field, asking, begging for water. But with Bellator, I’m in the A.C., sippin’ cold lemonade, gettin’ massages. It’s a big difference.”

“You know, I think Zuffa has a lot of people, and they just look at fighters as numbers. It’s a business. They’re trying to make money. But I feel like Bellator, we’re a lot closer family, and the people are more personable,” Lawal concluded.

Lawal also addressed his labeling of a NSAC official as a “racist bitch”, admitting he was wrong for calling her a “bitch” but never apologizing for insinuating she was racist.


MMATraining Take: Comments like this are all the evidence I need to say good riddance to Lawal’s potential presence in the UFC. There’s nothing wrong with speaking your mind no matter how ignorant it sounds but there are certain topics a person should be smart enough to avoid and one of them is bring up slavery in association with a job. Seriously, Lawal thinks getting paid tens of thousands of dollars to do something he loves was similar to working in a field? Absolutely ridiculous and completely insulting to the memory of those who WERE actually slaves.