It’s a tradition each year – I pull out a piece of paper and pen to make my New Year’s Resolutions list old school style. Somehow a handwritten declaration of your resolutions feels more committed than simply thinking them over, telling a friend or even documenting them electronically.

This year I was stumped. Lose ten pounds has been on the list for ten years, why would I think I would accomplish it this year. I had nothing.

Then in a flash of brilliance I turned my attention, as usual, to MMA and came up with my resolutions solely related to mixed martial arts in 2009.

Here they are in their unedited form – I believe they are a collection of commitments we should all make together as part of MMA nation in 2009.

  • I will stop saying “Kimbo Slice sucks”. It’s obvious. On the internet Kimbo wins, in the cage Kimbo loses to guys they pull from the stands
  • I will attend each and every GSP fight. Kimbo bad, GSP good
  • I will not laugh if another Taekwondo judge gets kicked in the head at an official event. Once was funny, twice is a tragedy
  • I will not pay more than $1 for any boxing pay per view event. Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, good one Oscar
  • If I’m at an MMA event and there is someone sitting in my vicinity cheering only for residents of the United States all night long, who then goes berserk in support of Fedor I will not say “dude, stop sipping the goober sauce”
  • I will not throw punches at the gym in between sets of dumbbell press. I thought it looked cool until I watched someone else doing it
  • I will not be surprised when a legend of the sport makes a comeback and gets beat handily by a young up and coming star in the UFC. The changing of the guard is happening, I must deal with it
  • I will not say “I told you so” when Affliction’s assets are sold to the UFC
  • I will not get angry when someone tells me that MMA is dangerous, brutal or barbaric. I will take the time to explain to them what the sport is all about
  • I will wear an equal amount of Affliction and Tapout clothing even though the Affliction shirts feel like soft butter on my skin
  • I will pay the price to have the best seats in the house for Fedor vs. Lesnar. I will be cheering wildly for Couture

Thanks to everyone at and the fans of this website for making it a success in its inaugural year. We have had a lot of fun building this site for MMA fans, whether it was touring around in a private jet to catch Couture vs. Lesnar or working on our combinations at over 100 gyms in 2008.

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