Miguel Torres has more fights at 30 years of age than most professional MMA fighters will have in an entire lifetime. With 42 matches on his resume, however, Torres knew he needed to make a change.

After dropping his WEC bantamweight title to Brian Bowles back in 2009, and suffering a loss to Joseph Benavidez in his next bout, Torres decided it was time to join a new camp. So, he packed up his bag and headed to Canada to train with the TriStar Gym, which boasts UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre.

Two wins over Charlie Valencia and Antonio Banuelos followed, and Torres was right back in position to contend for the title before falling to Demetrious Johnson. Now, Torres looks to get back on track when he meets Nick Pace this Saturday night at UFC 139: Shogun vs. Henderson.

“The big thing is to find a balance in the middle. Firas (Zahabi) wants me to be aggressive, but he wants me to be smart and be safe,” said Torres, in a recent interview with UFC’s website. “I can see the points of both styles, but I’ve got to find a balance in the middle. I went from one extreme of being an ultra-aggressive striker and grappler to being a fighter that’s using strategy and game planning, and it’s a whole other extreme.”

Torres also took some time to work with Imperial Athletics in Florida, improving his striking with famed kickboxer Tyrone Spong.

The former headliner and main event fighter will be on the Facebook stream of UFC 139 this weekend, but knows a few wins can land him right back where he wants to be: in the spotlight.

“I’m still young in my career,” Torres said. “The world hasn’t seen the best Miguel Torres yet.”


MMATraining Take: Torres seemed off his game against “Mighty Mouse” and wasn’t as aggressive as he needed to be against a confident grappler. Torres needs to try to take a few extra chances against Pace and control the action to be effective and pick up the win.