Quinton Rampage Jackson made short work of Wanderlei Silva at UFC 92. It was clear that he had improved leaps and bounds from the time he took two severe beatings at the hands of the Brazilian in Pride. Asked who he wants to fight next he answered very unusually with “I want to fight Forrest again. That’s the fight that gives me nightmares at night”.

He is of course talking about Forrest Griffin, the man who took away his title in the summer. But this is also the man who was defeated Saturday night by Rashad Evans to lose that very same title. Rampage would rather fight Forrest than the title holder. The light heavyweight belt has changed hands more than my feet have changed socks of late and Saturday was no different.

Image of Quinton Rampage Jackson from allrampage.com Rampage would rather avenge his loss to Griffin than to fight Evans. Well, he may not have a choice. Other than Rampage, there is no other logical choice for the 205 belt at this moment. Lyoto Machida and Thiago Silva will battle it out January 31st, but unless Machida puts Silva away convincingly, then he won’t get a shot just yet. He’s been too boring and methodical and as good as he’s been, the UFC won’t want him as their champion just yet. If fact, Silva would be more likely to get a shot if he can run through Lyoto, but that seems unlikely given Machida’s skill level, and that would be hard to sell since not many know who Silva is.

So Rashad and Rampage it is. There are no other options for the UFC at this point. If Rampage really wants Forrest again, he should go and get his belt back and hope that Forrest can win his next fight and those two can meet once again for the title. But who should Forrest fight? Another new challenger? The game of musical chairs that is the UFC light heavyweight division continues.