Any plans Nick Diaz may have had in terms of returning to MMA appear to be on hold, as the fighter was suspended for one year by the Nevada Athletic Commission on Monday. Diaz, who failed a post-fight drug test because of marijuana metabolites being found in his system, was also fined $60,000 of his purse from the bout in question with Carlos Condit.

Along with his lawyer, Ross Goodman, Diaz appeared in front of the commission in hopes of having the suspension overturned. However, from the early going, that appeared to be a long shot. The proceedings stretched over three hours, and were even shifted to another room during a break.

Diaz was previously suspended by Nevada in 2007. He must submit to a clean drug test to be licensed in the state after his suspension is over on February 4, 2013. Currently Diaz has stated he is retired from MMA based on his disgust with officiating/athletic commissions and, with today’s news, it seems unlikely he’ll be changing his stance anytime soon.


MMATraining Take: It is interesting that something such as marijuana carries a longer suspension than steroids when comparing Diaz and Muhammed “King Mo” Lawal‘s recent suspension. However, Diaz was a repeat offender, and did try and take the commission to court. That might have been part of the lengthy decision.