Last night one of the most-hyped grappling matches in recent history was set to unfold from the World Jiu-Jitsu Expo in the form of a fight between BJJ superstar Braulio Estima and MMA champion Nick Diaz. Unfortunately, while the venue was packed and Estima was prepared, the bout never actually took place based on Diaz’s mysterious absence from the festivities.

After the cancellation Estima did his best to quell upset fans by challenging Diaz to a future fight under MMA rules given his apparent refusal to face him on the mat. While his words helped the disgust from those in attendance, as well as viewers at home, was apparent given on the online reaction.

At this point Diaz has still not offered up an explanation for his decision to no-show the event though speculation has pointed at Estima’s failure to make weight on Friday and questions surrounding how payment would be handled.


MMATraining Take: Being surprised at Diaz flaking out is akin to being surprised when the sun rises. That being said, it not only sucks he let his fans down by choosing to approach things as he did but he also further tarnished his reputation as a competitor.