In a decision that shocked the MMA community Wednesday afternoon, UFC President Dana White announced at at a press conference for UFC 137 that Nick Diaz (25-7-1) would no longer be fighting champion Georges St-Pierre (22-2).  The decision comes after Diaz went into hiatus and failed to show up for two press conferences to promote the event which is scheduled to take place in Las Vegas, Nevada at the Mandalay Bay Events Center on October 29th.

Dana White told those in attendance, “When we brought him in to sign this fight with Georges St-Pierre, we sat down in my office and I said ‘Let me tell you what kid, if you add up all the purses you’ve ever made in your entire career, you’re going to make so much more money than that in this fight.  This fight is going to be the biggest fight of your life.  Not only are you going to make all this money but your going to have the opportunity to fight GSP and win the welterweight title, but, I need you to do certain things, there’s certain things that you have to do.  You have to promote this fight, you have to show up for press conferences, you cant start fights and fights’ and the list goes on and on of things I told Nick that we need from him.  Nick looked right in my face, lied to me and said that he’d do it.”

With Diaz now removed from the event, the popular Canadian champion will now take on Carlos “Natural Born Killer” Condit (27-5) who was previously scheduled to fight B.J Penn in the co-main event at UFC 137.  White told the media that when Condit received the call he cried and had to call him back because he was so excited for the opportunity.  At the press conference St-Pierre mentioned “I do believe Condit is more dangerous than Diaz.”

Condit will enter the battle riding a four fight win streak, three of those wins coming by way of knock out over the likes of Rory MacDonald, Dan Hardy, and his most recent knock-out victory of the well-rounded Korean Don Hyun Kim in the first round at UFC 132 in Las Vegas.

At the moment the future for the former Strikeforce welterweight champion is unclear, but UFC fans on Twitter have been overloading White’s feed with requests to see Diaz now take on “The Prodigy” Penn at UFC 137.


MMATraining Take: Condit vs. GSP will be a solid fight for sure but it still doesn’t take away from my disappointing in seeing the Diaz fight laid to waste by Nick’s lacking professionalism. If he doesn’t get his life together soon he could go down as one of the biggest examples of wasted talent in MMA history.