If Nick Diaz has ever come off as lacking motivation when it comes dealing with the media circus surrounding MMA it’s probably because he does. Private by nature, Diaz has shirked his share of press-related obligations in the past and prefers to lay low and train unless forced to stand in front of a camera.

Now, with a significant scrap on Saturday night at UFC 137 against B.J. Penn only days away, Diaz has revealed some regret about signing with the UFC instead of sticking with the sweet science as he’d planned to do before crossing over from Strikeforce.

“If I had my chance to do it over again, I would have gone back to the boxing contract,” the controversial Californian explained to media during an open workout promoting this weekend’s show.

Rather than hurting his chances in the UFC or Mixed Martial Arts in general, Diaz expressed his belief that his time in boxing would have only affected his career in a positive way.

“I’m sure they would have had me back here, or somewhere,” said Diaz. “(Fans) want to see a pro boxer fight MMA, and then you have yourself a high-level pro boxer that’s coming back.”

While the length of his contract is unknown, Diaz will be sticking to the Octagon for at least the foreseeable future though a different ring may be in the cards depending on how things unfold in 2012.

Diaz, who Penn has labeled as MMA’s top boxer, has actually put on the puffier gloves once before as a pro and earned a Unanimous Decision win but the victory came more than five years ago.


MMATraining Take: Diaz’s aspirations of boxing aren’t a bad thing though the regret is something that concerns me. He needs to be focused 100% on MMA if he wants to fulfill his potential in the sport, and not just in terms of training but mentally as well. However, if he makes a run at the UFC title and falls short, then there’s no reason for him not to give boxing a go if his heart is still in trying it out with regularity.