Spectacular news surfaced late last night when it was revealed welterweight Nick Diaz had expressed his desire to continue his MMA career instead of stay on the sidelines in Stockton, running triathlons and wondering what might have been if he’d stuck with the endeavor bringing him fame and fortune. Better yet, Diaz apparently wants to fight UFC middleweight king Anderson Silva since rival Georges St-Pierre is busy recovering from knee surgery and unifying his belt with Carlos Condit’s interim strap.

It might seem far fetched on the surface but with some more consideration a clash between Diaz-Silva is actually just what the doctor ordered, that is as long as said physician is a fan of fantastic fights aimed at entertaining the MMA masses.

Silva’s camp has expressed the Brazilian’s desire to participate in pairings worthy of the aging champion’s status as the cream of the sport’s crop. As such, the notion of facing Chris Weidman or Tim Boetsch have been shrugged off and any other potential contenders are currently scheduled to fight other foes in hopes of establishing their status as being crystal clear.

Comparably, Diaz is one of the sport’s biggest stars even if he isn’t in the Top 5 where pound-for-pound rankings are concerned. He’s enigmatic, yet also charismatic, and has a arsenal to back his “it factor” up. Diaz has been finished a single time in his career while dishing out of a ton of punishment along the way and would be fighting GSP if not for some questionable scorecards. He comes to fight and would bring the battle to Silva instead of standing back and eating shots.

Both scenarios make for a fight fans want to see. Silva’s sublime skills paired with Diaz’s drive and love of violence would sell a ton of PPVs and be considered one of 2012’s biggest bouts. Also, based on Diaz’s size he can fight at 185 pounds without a massive height/weight disadvantage. No, Diaz should not get a title-shot, but a catch-weight of anything above or below 185 would prevent that from being an issue. Simply put, a belt doesn’t need to be involved to make this a tremendously fun match-up.

The fight may be out of left field but it’s also a homerun.