059865_wrestle_GXW_We all remember the bully growing up.

I did not go to grade school or high school with Brock Lesnar, but I can bet with near certainty of winning that he exemplified the bully growing up.

No doubt if you went to Mom Lesnar’s place and asked to see little Brock’s class picture from grade three there would be 20 or so four foot tall kids and an eight foot Brocky Lesnar towering over everyone. Likely with long hair because nobody could reach that high to cut it.

In fact, I would hazard a guess that Lesnar showed all five of the signs of an accomplished bully in his grade school years:

1. His best joke was farting
2. He laughed really really loud and when he did his mouth opened real wide like a human horse
3. He showed his wiener a lot
4. He was the captain of every sports team
5. And the gold medal in bullyism, on Hot Dog Day he would sit there and eat 15 of the little protein missiles, finishing with relish on his cheeks that stayed there for the rest of the day unbeknownst to him.

Watching Lesnar at the end of UFC100 you had to pick one of two realities. Either Lesnar was putting on a show to hype future Lesnar mauling episodes or he was raised by goats in the caves of Uzbekistan.

With all due respect to the goats in Uzbekistan, they really blew this one.

We now have a 15 hot dog eating goofus on our hands as the heavyweight champion of the UFC.

Here’s to you Fedor…one right hand should do it…right in the relish.