The strange saga surrounding UFC heavyweight Alistair Overeem’s failed drug test seems to have been resolved now after the Nevada State Athletic Commission rejected the Dutchman’s defense earlier today. Overeem’s team argued he had unknowingly injected a substance containing testosterone in his system to serve as an anti-inflammatory. Though the doctor who prescribed the mixture of medication was on hand at the hearing, he stated he thought he had been clear with Overeem regarding what he was putting in his body.

As a result the NSAC ruled Overeem would be denied a temporary license to fight and would be unable to reapply for one until December 27, i.e. nine months from the date of his failed drug test. Overeem was found to have a 14:1 testosterone/epitestosterone ratio in his body, more than twice the allowed limit.

The UFC has yet to comment on the matter.


MMATraining Take: From what I understand the doctor has had issues with malpractice and prescribing drugs illegally over the internet so it’s hard to feel bad for Overeem. Either he didn’t do any research on a physician he was using or the substance he injected into his body or he’s lying through his teeth. Either way he deserves what he got.