harrison-small May 13th

From today I have one month left before my next fight. Training has been awesome. My knee is back to one hundred percent , I feel hungry, confident and have been doing nothing but training and teaching martial arts since I got my mobility back in February. I will be fighting against a guy who I really know nothing about.. John Fraser. He hasn’t fought in a while, and is apparently good on the ground. I don’t really care. I am going to worry about my preparation, and if I come in physically and mentally prepared it doesn’t matter who I fight they’ll be in trouble. My biggest concern right now is that I’m 170.8 lbs and scheduled to fight at 145. Gotta up the cardio and lower the cals…

I’ve been doing a lot of long runs outside and on the treadmill to build leg strength. I’ve been doing a mix of power lifting, high rep training and of course plyos and agility stuff mixed in with my jiu jitsu, wrestling, Muay Thai and boxing. The last month has gone very well and I’m ready to get down and finish off this camp and win this fight.

Today I came in and warmed up with a light jog on the treadmill. After that, Matt “hammer” Hache and I did a kettle bell workout that really good the heart rate up. To finish off my morning conditioning I did 25 sets of stairs with kettle bells in a farmer’s carry grip.

At noon I jumped in the Muay Thai class and did some shadow boxing, clinch work, and of course some thai pads.

After we all worked on our Jiu Jitsu in an intense “shark tank” situation where you’re always dealing with a fresh guy. We then focused on some technique taught by hammer, Pat Cooligan’s top student and one of the premiere brown belts in North America. Following the shark tank we repped out some takedowns and did a take down circle. Finishing off the afternoon workout we worked on ground and pound sparring and defense. Great training!

Night time training I sparred 5 rounds, and hit 5 rounds of thai pads after a light warm up and stretched,.. Nothing beats Thai pads! I went home and had an ice bath and hot shower, and repeated a few times before bed.

May 14th

Today I came in early to do some sprinting on the treadmill. Now when I say sprinting I’m not going as fast as I would on say a forty yard dash, but going at around 11 or 12 MPH for the full five minutes. One minute break. I did this for four rounds. My lungs feel good.I also did an intense body wieght and plyometric workout ( clap pushups, clap pullups, jump squats, lunging jumps etc etc)

Afternoon training hammer worked with us on escaping positions. We did our drills then rolled for a good 45 minutes. After that it was takedown circle followed by some nice sparring with Mark Holst, who is also fighting on the W1 card.

At night after I was done my teaching duties at the Academy, I Thai clinch sparred for 45 minutes with knees, and then hit a solid 5 rounds of thai pads. Time to sleep!

Friday May 15th

After an early morning run I packed up a bag full of gear and loaded up the car to head to MAS Thai boxing in Cambridge to spend my long weekend training. A hard 8 bag heavy bag circuit was the warm up. At this time my boxing coach elroy arrived. He was brought up at the waterloo police boxing academy with the Vanderpools, Lennox Lewis etc, and really knows his boxing. He helped me out with some awesome stuff to counter aggressive punchers and get off the ropes or cage.. After we worked mitts, he really pushed my cardio with some insane bag drills followed by medicine ball workout. I weighed in at 163 when I left the gym.

Saturday May 16th

Good to be back in my neck of the woods and at MAS! I arrived at 10am and skipped followed by a good bag workout to work on my power. Before sparring I wanted to get super tired so Chris set up a circuit consisting of sledge hammer, tired flip, rope pulls with a sled, and sled push .. After 3 rounds of 5 minutes at full speed I was sweating and breathing heavy, but still felt great and ready to go more. I sparred a good 12 rounds with various amateur and professional Muay Thai fighters.. No injuries, no bumps no bruises. Great day of training.

Sunday may 17th

Took the day off to hang out with my mom and see some friends! At night I went to do the field work I used to do when I lived in Stratford and owned 519 fight factory . The sprints, hills, and stair routines that used to challenge me when I was fighting for belts back in the Muay Thai days really didn’t phase me too much. I guess I have done nothing but train lately so I should be in this kind of shape. No work. No family. No girlfriend. No bills. No stress. Just mixed martial arts. I am very fortunate.

Monday May 18th

Back to Mas Thai boxing for a quick warm up and some sparring.. I did 15 light rounds at high speed before getting back on the road to Ottawa.

Tuesday May 19th

In the morning I was still kind of cooked from the weekend, so I layed off the conditioning. We trained hard with the gis on today and had a wicked Jiu Jitsu workout. I feel like my ground game is really coming along and I’m moving well. After that we did a circuit of elastic bands for punches and shots, ground and pound on heavy bag, sprawls, and clean and press. We did this for 5 rounds of 5 minutes each with 30 seconds rest. Great workout.

At night I went and sprinted the Ski hill 10 times. That hill is horrible, but this kind of training where you literally feel like falling over and dying would be easier is good for the mind. It training for the 14th minute of the fight. Is my opponent out doing these things? Is he puking and bleeding and sweating and aching and thinking about June 13th full time? I don’t know.. I hope he is. If he is it should make for a great war.. And I love one of those! When I got back to the gym I was completely exhausted. But hit 5 hard rounds on the boxing mitts to finish off my day.

Wednesday May 20th

This morning I crushed a hard hard conditioning workout. Kettlebells, weights, treadmill sprints, plyos and rubber bands were my tools of choice today. I really feel like I am just going to be stronger, faster and fitter than my opponent.

Afternoon we rolled jiu jitsu then looked at some techniques designed for MMA. At OAMA the jiu Jitsu is off the hook, and they’re always heading down to train with Renzo, John Danaher, Igor, Rolles Gregor Gracie, Ricardo Almieda and his crew etc etc.. I love learning the latest, but more importantly love building on my fundamentals and feeling more well rounded every day. We hit 5 rounds of pads after our BJJ workout then did some core work.

Night time I sparred 8 rounds of Thai.

Thursday May 21st

Morning I worked on my foot work and skipping. I like to push it on the speed rope and like the coordination and reflexes it builds. I got it going very very fast and didn’t lose my rhythm .. It really worked up a sweat.

In our afternoon training we did our everyday positional drills and escapes, then it was off for some field training. We had a 15 minute circuit consisting of 5 minutes of ski hill sprints, 5 minutes of medicine ball throws and sprints, and 5 minutes alternating partner bungee/harness pull sprints. Once that was done we did the bungee pull up the ski hill. This was insane. I threw up! We did 2 of those with heavy heavy resistance. After that it was another circuit with agility ladder, hurdles, and thai pads. Good to be outside in the sun and mix it up a little.

Late afternoon I got a chance to roll around with a pan american Jiu Jitsu champion. It was just a light roll where I worked on my sub defense.

Night time I did hard MMA sparring and felt like I was on fire. Confidence is up. I got some cauliflower starting again though.. Painful.

Friday may 22nd

I did an hour of no Gi rolling with Mark today.. Followed by 45minutes of boxing. He is talented and a great training partner. I love working out with the guy, and feel we bring out the best in each other. We repped out techniques for about 30 minutes as well.

At night after I was done teaching for the evening, I set up a circuit that consisted of treadmill sprints, kettle bells, heavy deadlifts, pullups, snatches, clean and press, back to sprints… It took me about 20 minutes to complete the circuit 3 times straight, and it kicked the crap out of me. After the workout I weighed in at 157lbs !! I am happy to be getting down the wieght with 3 weeks left. I went home to get some zzzzz’s and eat a very very large meal.

Saturday May 23rd

Feeling sore and tired today. I have a big day planned for tomorrow so all I did today was hit 5 rounds of thai pads.