With the recent success of UFC 129 in Toronto, martial arts (specifically mixed martial arts) has seen huge growth in the last year in the province of Ontario. What used to be a second tier sport that was frowned upon by many in Ontario – it has become the latest and fastest growing sport and Ontario MMA Gyms have been the beneficiary of all of this.

The most notable increases in Ontario gyms have been with higher enrollment with current gyms and the addition of some smaller MMA gyms in the province.

Speaking with Alex Gasson who is in charge of the Adrenaline Training Centre in London, Ontario (that is home to UFC fighters Mark Hominick and Sam Stout) Gasson expressed that MMA becoming legal in Ontario has seen additional members signing up at the gym. He noted that the distribution of members ranges from young to old and men and women – and that MMA is for everyone.

Grant Brothers MMA and Boxing is another gym that has grown leaps and bounds since the UFC came to Toronto. With some of the top UFC fighters living in Toronto (Claude Patrick and Sean Pierson) training there, it’s no wonder that Grant Brothers has become a hot spot for athletes in the Toronto area.

Whether you are a hardcore MMA fan or you’ve just heard about it TV, trying your hand at MMA Training could be a good choice for you. For the people in Ontario the choices are growing by the minute.