This glorious Presidents’ Day, known by many here in America as “that day I get off from work for some reason”, gives reason to pause and honor the heads of the United States whose contributions to not only this country but society in general have had an important impact on the world. In the spirit of the holiday, I’ve compiled a list of names from the Mixed Martial Arts world with each represented by a President of the United States I feel is comparable in nature.

Raise your flags high, crank up The Star Spangled Banner, and enjoy!

George Washington / Randy Couture – Known for playing a major role in establishing their respective entities by way of hard work and some ass-kicking
Thomas Jefferson / Chuck Liddell – Equally important as the afore-listed men in terms of earning a renowned position in history yet liked to chase skirt a bit more
Abraham Lincoln / Lorenzo Fertitta – Each rocks a beard and is a well-spoken, industrious individual with a widely admired ability to smooth over tensions between opposing sides
Theodore Roosevelt / Matt Hughes – Avid hunters who would have no problem whacking someone with a stick if such an opportunity arose
William Taft / Eric “Butterbean” Esch – For obvious reasons, no?
Franklin D. Roosevelt / Georges St. Pierre – There’s FDR/GSP for starters, plus each dealt with leg issues – sorry, I got nothing else
John F. Kennedy / Phil Baroni – Two competitors who entertain on the microphone, wow the ladies, but never went as far in their endeavors as their early careers would have indicated was likely
Richard Nixon / Dana White – Controversial, business-savvy, and unafraid to cross the line when it comes to gaining a competitive advantage over an adversary
Ronald Reagan / Chael Sonnen – Great performers in front of the camera with more questionable skills inside the arena who also have convenient memories
Bill Clinton / Quinton Jackson – Soul and swagger having Southerners who love the ladies and overcame some legal issues
George W. Bush / Tito Ortiz – Not the sharpest tacks in the box and still each was able to stick around for longer than their series of poor performances would typically permit
Barack Obama / Jon Jones – Young for the level of status achieved, each is a model citizen who can’t seem to win the public over no matter what

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