It’s Christmas time, and since we already listed the ten naughtiest names of the MMA world, we have to have the 10 nicest, right? That’s only fair, and that’s how Santa plays it, so there.

When it comes to Mixed Martial Arts, being nice is something very difficult to come by. Inside the Octagon or cage, you want to be as mean as need be, as your opponent is trying to knock you out, rip an arm off or choke you unconscious.

However, that doesn’t mean we don’t have generally nice people in MMA, so, here is a list of MMA’s Ten Nicest……

10. Jon Jones: Boo him if you like, but when “Bones” stormed after a would-be robber just hours before a fight, he definitely won over several fans out there.

9. Urijah Faber Just recently, Faber’s younger sister suffered traumatic injuries in an automobile accident. “The California Kid,” trying to do anything he can to make her feel better, cut off his hair in an effort to match her after brain surgery forced the same. Way to go, Urijah; despite your cold-hearted attacks on Dominick Cruz, you to have a heart.

8. Showtime Executives: With the decision to keep Strikeforce around, Showtime will provide even more coverage of MMA. And more MMA is a good thing, which leads me to….

7. FOX Executives: By signing up the UFC, we can expect hours, after hours of MMA in the coming months and years. Starting with a 24-hour marathon on FUEL TV, FOX and FX will be your new home for “free” fights several weeks of the year.

6. Anderson Silva: With excellent grace, “The Spider” just continues moving along with his career. Maybe he has upset some by not always speaking in English, but Silva’s track record in the UFC is that of a future Hall of Famer. Enjoy him while you can.

5. Roy Nelson: Not many MMA fighters keep the fast food business going strong, but “Big Country” does. The robust heavyweight isn’t afraid to promote himself as just that; a man who likes his food fast and greasy.

4. Georges St-Pierre: When you are as good GSP, you could talk as much trash as you want. Instead, St-Pierre is always quick to give his fallen opponents respect, and seems to never do wrong.

3. UFC Ring Girls: This one I believe is pretty obvious. Sexy, smart…dressers…and involved in MMA; that’s three great checks on any list this time of year.

2. Dana White: I know many people hate the guy and can’t stand him for certain fighters he has cut/not signed/ripped, but without his vision, and that of the other brass of the UFC, would MMA be as big as it is now? No way, no how. So thank you, Dana, for all you have given us MMA fans.

1. Dan Miller Donors: UFC fighter Dan Miller’s son, Daniel, was born with a severe kidney disease. Thanks to several donations, Miller’s family will rest easier this Christmas. So, to the many that lent a hand, pat yourself on the back.

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