What a perfect way to make a statement to the mainstream media by placing two heavyweights inside the Octagon in the first UFC on FOX card tonight.

Cain Velasquez and Junior dos Santos may not be the most well-known fighters in the UFC, but if boxing has taught us anything it’s that heavyweights are what makes the world go-round.

When boxing was in its prime, before the UFC and MMA took its spot, heavyweight championship matches drew the most viewers, most fans and most interest. To an extent, that is still true in the UFC – especially to the casual fan. It just seems like people look to heavyweights as the best of the best, regardless of whether they really are or not.

With Velasquez and dos Santos, you also have two guys in their prime that are looking to make a statement. Both would like nothing more than to knock the other guy out so you can expect to see plenty of big swings and bone-crunching takedowns for however long the bout goes.

Yes, the UFC has said they will lose a great deal of money in the short-term by placing this fight on “free” television and not pay-per-view, but if one UFC fan tells 10 of their buddies about the card, and even five of them actually tune in, those new-found-fans are going to be hooked instantly.

So, if you know anyone that has any interest in sports, make sure to tell them to tune in tonight to see what could be a landmark fight in the history of combat sports.

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