The outcome from this past weekend’s fight between UFC welterweights Carlos Condit and Nick Diaz could not have played out much better than it did. No, I’m not under any sort of medication or hallucinogenic substances. Yes, I saw the same bout the rest of you did. However, consider the amount of conversation the controversial result created as well as how it’s set up the rest of the year to play out in comparison to how things might have gone.

A clear-cut finish, or even obvious outpointing, would have left the winner in a state of professional limbo based on the necessity to wait for true champion Georges St. Pierre to recover from knee surgery. Diaz may have been open to a middleweight fight but would have been risking his health and momentum in taking it. Comparably, Condit’s willingness to defend the interim title against someone other than GSP might lead to Johny Hendricks or Jake Ellenberger serving as the French-Canadian’s return opponent. Though both are talented neither has the drawing power of Condit or Diaz when it comes to squaring off against St. Pierre.

Rather, because the judges scored things as they did by opting to favor Condit’s counter-attack to Diaz’s aggressive approach, a rematch can be made giving the public the potential of five more rounds with the added selling-point of how competitive the first clash was. Doing so would keep both men busy for 4-6 months while training/promoting the fight while also ensuring St. Pierre will have a marquee match-up to come back to in November.

Factoring in Diaz’s disgust with the decision going to Condit will also help when promoting a second showdown between the two, making it much bigger than Saturday night’s scrap. While some likely saw his outburst and impromptu decision to retire as a child throwing a temper tantrum, try and look at the context. He’s an extremely passionate person and he’d just fought his ass off for 25 minutes against a guy who backpedaled 75% of the time only to be awarded a victory, snapping an eleven-bout winning streak. Giving him a chance to right any perceived wrongs in his mind by getting Condit again right away should be all the affirmation he needs from the UFC to know Dana White and company not only have his back but the fight-game’s as well.

Granted, Condit could play hardball and deprive Diaz of the opportunity but I don’t see “The Natural Born Killer” having that sort of mindset. He’s intelligent. He knows how close the fight was and I guarantee he can grasp why some people didn’t appreciate his strategy. He also wants to fight again before November and has a family to provide for. The right payday, the prospect of beginning a true legacy in MMA, and his competitive desire to prove he is indeed the better fighter than Diaz should seal the deal on an immediate rematch.

The UFC did it with Frankie Edgar-B.J. Penn. It’s time to do it again, especially considering St. Pierre’s situation. Put Diaz and Condit in the cage one more time, possibly on the traditional July 4th Weekend card so their feud can simmer, and sell a ton of buyrates with another closely contested fight and an even more spectacular lead-in for the eventual go with GSP.

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