UFC lightweight Pat Healy is closing in on 50 fights in a career spanning more than a decade. However, Healy isn’t close to calling it quits and will look for his seventh straight win this weekend at UFC 159 when he mixes it up with Jim Miller.

Healy recently took some time to talk to UFC.com where he shared some of the lessons he’s learned over his career as far as does and don’ts…

Don’t: Stress Out

“About a month out from a fight, I start to force myself to feel the pressure. The staredown, weigh-in, heading into a hostile crowd … you have to think about the pressure early and often and know it’s going to be there; you almost have to embrace it.”

Don’t: Skip Protein

“I’m a pretty big guy to have to get down to 155 [pounds], so I need to do everything to get there. Vegetable juice goes right through me. I’m hardly putting on any calories and the nutrients stick, so I get a lot of bang for the buck. Plus, that juice is like an energy boost to me after a workout; it brings me back to life.”

Don’t: Take Days Off

“I usually take Wednesdays and Sundays off. I know some people don’t take days off, but you can only push your body so hard. If you’re taking less rest and getting more workouts but the intensity isn’t there, are you really getting everything out of each workout? No, you just grind yourself into the ground.”

Do: Throw the Perfect Jab

Tip #1: Stay loose and throw your jab without tension.
Tip #2: Keep your elbow in tight. If it flares out, your opponent will see it coming.
Tip #3: Pump it out without using a lot of energy. “Get that baby snapping!” he says.
Tip #4: Push off of the rear foot to generate more power.
Tip #5: Hands up, chin down. “I try to keep my non-striking hand up a little so I have a good defense when the jab is extended,” says Healy. “I want the hand to be on my chin so my shoulder is high and my face is hidden if they try to counter.”