In the eyes of many British slugger Paul Daley didn’t look like himself this past weekend when he competed against Kazuo Misaki at Strikeforce: Tate vs. Rousey. Daley, who lost a decision to Misaki in one of the main card bouts, resorted to more of a wrestling-based attack in the fight rather than the all-out striking style he’s known for. Misaki earned a split decision, dropping “Semtex’s” record to 29-12-2 overall.

Daley has since explained his approach, posting on popular MMA forum The Underground to give his take on what he feels happened in the fight.

“I can’t be ‘Semtex’ all the time people, different fights call for a different approach,” wrote Daley. “Sorry for those that felt cheated out of not seeing ‘Semtex,’ but I feel being ‘Semtex’ had an effect on the judges scores, because I didn’t come out swinging.”

Daley added he felt he won the second and third rounds while Misaki claimed the first, explaining, “The reason I backpedaled and kept it on the jab/counters in the third is because I honestly thought I had won the fight. It was close, but I feel I won.”

The heavy-handed Brit had hoped to cash in a victory over Misaki for a shot at the vacant Strikeforce welterweight title in a clash with recently-signed UFC veteran Nate Marquardt though has now been sent back to the drawing board with the defeat.


MMATraining Take: Reading these comments from Daley I can’t help but given him the Simpsons’ Nelson Muntz treatment – “Hah hah!” To assume he had the fight won is a rookie mistake, especially when considering he acknowledged Misaki had taken the first frame.  It’s not as though judges haven’t awarded rounds to fighters who weren’t necessarily deserving of it and, as has been said a million times in MMA, you NEVER leave it to the scorecards. Daley got comfortable and got beaten by a 35-year old making his welterweight debut. You reap what you sow.