While the UFC has two shows planned before Super Bowl Weekend rolls around and both boast quality lineups, it is likely most MMA fans out there are already looking ahead to February 4 when Nick Diaz and Carlos Condit clash at UFC 143 for the right to be named the organization’s interim welterweight champion. Each man has held gold before during previous stints in different promotions and are known for bringing a combination of toughness and talent superior to most of their peers.

Now the UFC has released a preview for the event and, at least based on the comments from both, there will undoubtedly be fireworks in the Octagon when the two lock horns.

“I’ve been training for this my entire life,” Condit explains in the clip. “There’s no quit, there’s no back down, in either one of us.”

Check out the video below:

MMATraining Take: Even if there wasn’t a belt on the line this would be a fantastic fight! They’re both well-versed on the ground, hit hard, and are known for having durable chins. Their pairing could definitely result in a “Fight of the Year” candidate and I’m stoked to watch them scrap on the 4th.