The Zebra MMA Mats are made with a high quality 15 lb./cubic foot multi-density re-bonded polyurethane foam core that provides superior impact protection (7.5 times more foam protection than the roll out competition), while its softer foam core makes it perfect for those lengthy rolling and grappling sessions. Zebra’s MMA Mats feature a smooth non-slip vinyl surface that eliminates mat burns and makes them easy to clean. The MMA Mats come complete with an anti-skid bottom for stability. No Velcro or Tape required. Can be cut to fit any size area per recommended cutting instructions.



Zebra Mats use an “open cell technology” meaning that the foam core does not contain any air bubbles. When a force hits the mat, air rushes out and the mat absorbs the shock. This type of mat will not expand nor contract due to temperature changes and will last A LOT longer than mats that utilize closed-cell technology (eg; roll-out mats and puzzle mats) which essentially contain trapped air. When a force hits a closed-cell mat, one of two things occurs (1) The mat rejects the force and the falling object (the person) absorbs most of the shock and is repelled (2) The mat compresses so much that the air bubbles burst and break down. Over time, this causes the mat to deaden or have soft spots.


  • Dimensions: 39.4in. x 78.8in. (1m x 2m)
  • Cover: 19oz. PVC vinyl with woven polyester backing bonded directly to core.
  • Core: 12-15lb./cu. ft. density re-bonded foam.
  • Seal: Thermally sealed on all surfaces to resist moisture absorption.
  • Underside: High-grade 29oz., waffle patterned, latex rubber anti-slip material bonded directly to sealed mat.
  • Warranty: 3-year full warranty against manufacturing defects; 6-year limited warranty.
  • Performance/Safety: Meets or exceeds the specifications of the International Judo Federation for use in competitions; tested for flammability per ASTM E 648-99 and meets NFPA 101 Class II for flame spread.


The Zebra 2″ Pro Series MMA Mat is the undisputed champion of mats – no other mat can compete on quality, safety, durability, or performance. The 2″ Pro Series MMA Mat is designed for the professional MMA or fight school that requires the ultimate protection from high falls, slams, and throws. It eliminates the need for a sub-floor as the added protection is built right into the mat. The Pro Series is available in Black, Red, Blue, and Grey.

Price = $167 each (Orders less than 20), $157 each (Orders of 20+)

The Zebra 1.5″ Training Series MMA Mat is identical to the Pro Series, but with 1/2″ less protection. The 1.5″ Training Series MMA Mat is specifically designed for MMA training, “No-Gi” Grappling, Jiu-jitsu, and Law Enforcement Training. The Training Series is available in Black, Red, Blue, Grey, and Digi Camo (additional charge). Utilize the Zebra MMA mats to mat your entire training center or simply the inside of your cage area.

Price = $147 each (Orders less than 20), $137 each (Orders of 20+)

Recommended for the following Martial Arts

  • MMA Training
  • Cage Fighting
  • Jiu-Jitsu and no-gi Grappling
  • Hapkido
  • Law Enforcement & Combative Training

Our Review

We’ve visited just over 200 mixed martial arts facilities in the last year and without hesitation can say the reviews on zebra mats has been overwhelmingly positive. Both the quality of the product and service from the company are outstanding. Check them out at http://zebramats.com