MMA legend Randy Couture is one of the most knowledgeable people in the sport thanks to his career inside the cage and time spent outside it as an analyst and instructor. In that vein, the former UFC double-divisional champion recently offered up his thoughts on the upcoming meeting between middleweight title-holder Anderson Silva and rival Chael Sonnen.

According to Couture, Silva and Sonnen have strayed from the standard formula of rematches based on the way their original bout unfolded back in 2010. In the fight Silva was soundly beaten for four rounds until latching on to a fight-ending submission in the final few minutes of action.

“If you look at Anderson and Chael, Anderson won by Triangle Choke with two minutes left. He didn’t really win the fight. He got his ass whooped – literally – for four-plus rounds,” said Couture to MMAFighting after saying rematches usually feature the loser making more adjustments than the winner. “It’s almost like (Sonnen) was the guy that won, cause he wants it to go the same minus the Triangle. He wants to go out, wade through him, take him down repeatedly and beat him up.”

“(Silva) doesn’t wanna get beat up for four rounds and pull it out,” Couture continued, making his point about the roles being reversed. “He wants it to be a completely different fight. So he’s gonna have to make some adjustments.”

Silva-Sonnen fight on July 7 at UFC 148.


MMATraining Take: I like Couture’s take on the matter other than saying Silva “didn’t really win the fight”. Silva absolutely came out as a clear-cut victor. He finished Sonnen. Sure, he got beat up along the way, but in no way does that determine who actually won.