When Randy Couture left the UFC in October of 2007 he said it was for one reason: To get a fight with Fedor Emilianenko after the UFC failed to sign the Russian superstar. Couture and the UFC got into a lengthy battle about his contract while he continued to express his strong desire to fight the Last Emporer. Eventually Randy returned to the cage a year later to fight Brock Lesnar for the UFC title and his dream future with Fedor was effectively dead in the water. 3 years and 4 months after Couture made a last ditch effort to find a fight with Fedor, the timing appears right for a super fight between these two to happen.

Fedor was on top of the world from 2001 to 2009. He didn’t lose a single fight in 9 years and was considered the greatest heavyweight in the world. In the last 8 months Fedor has fallen on hard times. He has been beaten twice and criticized by fans, his peers and high profiled fight promoters. He has even managed to fall out of the top 10 on making heavyweight rankings.

Couture on the other hand just keeps on winning – at 47 years old. His last 3 wins in a row vs Brandon Vera, Mark Coleman and James Toney have come against three fighters who are no longer in the UFC, but that doesn’t seem to matter to most fans as long as Couture is winning. His next fight is at UFC 129 against the former champ Lyoto Machida in front of 55,000 fans in Toronto. If he wins that he may be given another title shot.

But the real fairytale for Couture would be a shot against the legend Fedor. At almost 48 years of age, Randy won’t have many big fights left in him. With Fedor losing 2 in a row and possibly being written off by Strikeforce if he can’t get it together, the stars could finally be aligned for a Couture vs Emelianenko match that many still want to see.

I see the UFC making a last ditch effort to sign Fedor in the upcoming year and planning the super fight. It’s a fight that most of us would have liked to see 4 years ago, but for Fedor and Couture the timing couldn’t be better.

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