Over the past year, light heavyweight contender Rashad Evans has been quite vocal about the insight he gained on how to defeat Jon Jones while the two were teammates at Greg Jackson’s gym. Now, “Suga” ‘Shad is opening up on specifics, providing a glimpse into his strategy for dethroning Jones on April 21 at UFC 145.

In a recent blog entry, Evans offered up some observations on how Quinton Jackson approached Jones in his title-shot this past fall, making it clear pressure is the key to breaking “Bones”.

“Watching at ringside last September at UFC 135, I couldn’t believe the way Quinton “Rampage” Jackson fought Jon. He gave him too much respect and way too much distance,” wrote Evans for Yahoo Sports. “You have to be ‘in’ or ‘out’ with Jon – either out of range looking to come in with strikes and takedowns, or you got to be in his face throwing and pushing his ass against the fence. He’s got too much reach on you to be in the mid-range – that’s his sweet spot – and you can’t get caught out there with him.”

“The illusion of or the mythical Jon Jones that the other guys fought, it doesn’t exist for me,” Evans continued. “I know how weak he is mentally – all the doubts he has about himself. I’m going to be the first one to stop this kid.”


MMATraining Take: Considering Jones has never been close to being finished and Evans isn’t exactly known for putting high-caliber opponents away I don’t think he’ll be living up to his promise on the matter. However, it will be interesting to see if he can take Jones out of his comfort zone. That’s one big IF though.