Two of MMA’s top 205ers will meet Saturday night on FOX in the form of a bout between unbeaten wrestler Phil Davis and former light heavyweight champ Rashad Evans. However, to hear them talk about it appears neither feels as though the result of their fight will boil down to any one area. And, with both being above-average grapplers who possess solid striking, the two headliners might be onto something without any significant weakness or advantage to play off of against one another.

“I just gotta impose my will,” said Evans in a preview for their showdown at UFC on FOX 2. “To come out with the win I’ve gotta do what I do best and that’s strike, wrestling, and do everything. I don’t think there’s just one aspect I’ve gotta get it done in. I’ve gotta be able to get it done in all facets of the sport.”

Davis was a bit more direct in assessing the situation, saying, “If it comes down to wrestling it looks like he loses. If it comes down to pretty much anything else…he also loses.”

Check out the preview below and make sure to watch Evans-Davis duke it out on FOX when things fire up at 8:00 PM EST on the popular network:

MMATraining Take: It’s hard to predict their pairing but I’m glad to see Evans-Davis at least show respect for each others’ skills. I’d give Evans the nod when it comes to power, pick Davis when it comes to wrestling, and say it’s a push on the submission front.