It looks like the fallout from last weekend’s UFC 143 bout between interim welterweight champion Carlos Condit and polarizing contender Nick Diaz will indeed result in a second scrap between the two. Though Diaz announced his intention to retire after the controversial-to-some, clear-cut-to-others decision, and Condit’s camp said they would wait for an eventual fight with Georges St. Pierre rather than face Diaz in a rematch, UFC President Dana White took to Twitter last night to confirm both sides had agreed to face off once again later this year in hopes of determining a more obvious winner.

Diaz and Condit battled for five rounds on Saturday night with Condit landing more strikes, yet Diaz being the aggressor and pushing “The Natural Born Killer” backwards the entire time.

A factor possibly fueling the rematch being made relates to St. Pierre who was recently revealed as expressing a willingness to forfeit his linear title in order to duke it out with Diaz rather than take on Condit in November.

Condit is expected to be in Las Vegas on Friday to sign the final paperwork with an official announcement coming shortly thereafter.


MMATraining Take: While some might say this move sets a bad precedent I’m actually 100% behind the move. The first fight was extremely close and public opinion has been split down the middle in terms of whether the judges got it right or not. Also, with GSP out for 9-10 months there’s no reason to risk Condit rusting, especially when it brings Diaz back into the fold and creates a huge future headliner and storyline.