By all accounts Rich Franklin is one of MMA’s true “good guys” and an excellent ambassador for the sport. He’s also about to become one of the posterboys for the recent rash of fighters attempting to gain a competitive advantage by using doctor-prescribed testosterone injections.

Franklin recently revealed he’d began inquiring about testosterone replacement therapy, commonly called TRT, but was still a bit wary about the process based on its long-term effects.

“I’ve kicked around that idea and everything, and actually I’ve talked to doctors that work with the UFC and the athletic commission in Nevada and all that kind of stuff. And at 37, my count obviously is not what it was when I was 25, and I’m a candidate for that kind of stuff,” explained Franklin on yesterday’s edition of The MMA Hour. “My levels are still decently healthy for a male, but they’re not high enough to continue a prolonged career at a top level for many more years.”

However, the former UFC middleweight champ also added a hint of concern while discussing the potential of him using TRT, stating, “Once you start that process it’s a permanent fixture. Once you start putting those hormones in your body — those synthetic hormones — then your body is not going to produce its own hormones any more, and so you really have to think carefully.”

Up next for Franklin is a bout with Wanderlei Silva on June 23 at UFC 147. After that his next stop, good or bad depending on your opinion, may be a doctor’s office for matters unrelated to any damage he sustains in the scrap with Silva.


MMATraining Take: Unless they start manufacturing a legal substitute for a durable chin I don’t think it matter how much testosterone Franklin has in his body. He’s a striker by trade and has concerns based on his style/age unrelated to his system’s ability to recover or react to working out.