The concept of a Mixed Martial Artist getting into a brawl outside of the cage is not a particularly tough one to grasp with plenty of past examples involving a fighter throwing down after abandoning canvas for asphalt. Two such individuals with well-documented instances of involvement in a “street fight” are Roger Huerta and War Machine (a.k.a. Jon Koppenhaver) though the two separate scraps couldn’t have been more different in nature.

The two UFC veterans will now square off against each other inside the friendly confines of a ring on November 26 at the newly formed Ultimate Warrior Fighting’s inaugural event in Pharr, Texas. The fight was confirmed by Huerta through his Twitter account.

Huerta, who hails from the Lone Star State, found himself in the middle of some mainstream attention a year ago after video surfaced of him coming to the defense of a girl he didn’t even know who had just been slugged outside a club. Though “El Matador” was clearly outsized, needless to say things didn’t go well for the man who attacked the female. Though at least 1-0 outside of the ring, in terms of his professional career Huerta is 21-5-1 with past UFC wins over Leonard Garcia and Clay Guida but has lost four of his last five fights. The November bout will mark the first for Huerta since losing to Eddie Alvarez last October, then taking an extended break to recover, do some soul-searching, and open a gym in Thailand with friend and fellow fighter Mike Swick.

Comparably, Machine’s long history of amateur altercations resulted in him ending up behind bars. He is 11-4 in his career and was released from prison this past July after serving a yearlong sentence for a felony assault charge.


MMATraining Take: Truly excellent matchmaking on the part of the involved promotion no matter how lame their actual name might be. Wait, does every fighter have to paint his face, run down to the cage, and shake the fence while screaming before action can start? Regardless, Huerta is not only an exciting fighter but he’s a genuinely good guy too. Pairing the power of his “white hat” against Machine’s “bad boy” persona is perfect in terms of bringing in casual fans’ interest, plus the event is relatively close to the Texas-Mexico border so the organization should also be able to sell a bunch of tickets based purely on Huerta’s heritage. Throw in the involved styles, both strike-heavy in nature, and it should be one helluva bout some showtime!