If former featherweight champion Cristiane “Cyborg” Santos is looking to win over fans in light of her recent failed drug test she certainly hasn’t done so, especially in the case of unbeaten grappler Ronda Rousey who had been rumored for a bout with the Brazilian prior to her PED-related stumble. Santos drew Rousey’s rage earlier today after posting a picture of a badly beaten Gina Carano tagged with the message, “Next victim…Ronda!!! No mercy!!!”

Also worth noting, the image of Carano had been altered severely to imply more damage had been done than what was actually the case.

It didn’t take long for the outspoken Olympic judoka to respond where she not only mentioned Santos’ drug use but took things a step further, writing, “You don’t just have a dick, you are a dick for posting that picture of Gina, you cheater.”

Unfortunately, Rousey and Santos are unlikely to fight anytime soon, if ever, based on Santos’ year-long suspension and Strikeforce’s hazy future. Rather, Rousey will next face Miesha Tate in early March for the Strikeforce bantamweight title while her newfound rival’s next appearance will come at a NSAC hearing to appeal her suspension rather than inside a cage.


MMATraining Take: Rousey is quickly becoming MMA’s new darling and understandably so though I’m not sure lowering herself to internet-troll standards is the way to go as far as winning over mature fans. Clearly the insult was directed at Santos’ masculine appearance and while such a line would fit in wonderfully on the Sherdog forums it is not becoming of a world class competitor.