With all the talk about this weekend’s fight between light heavyweight champ Jon Jones and former training partner Rashad Evans the debate about teammates fighting each other has been rekindled. One of the other competitors scheduled to scrap at the same event, Rory MacDonald, was recently asked how he would handle being put in a similar situation against fellow TriStar athlete Georges St. Pierre and shied away from the notion of mixing it up with his mentor/friend.

“Me and Georges are teammates and friends. So it’s not going to get to that point of Rashad and Jones,” said the 22-year old in a conversation on the topic with MMAJunkie. “I understand people want to see that drama, but I’m not bringing the drama. Me and Georges will work together and hopefully he retires or he moves up or whatever. I’ll wait my turn.”

If GSP is adamant about staying at welterweight, MacDonald even mentioned he would move up to 185 pounds to avoid conflict with the popular title-holder.

MacDonald holds a 12-1 record with his only loss involving a last-second stoppage against Carlos Condit in a bout the young Canadian was likely winning beforehand on the scorecards. He has since won back-to-back bouts and is seen by most as being 2-3 victories away from a title-shot. St. Pierre, the current champion, is shelved while recovering from knee surgery and is expected to return to the ring in November when he’ll take on Condit.


MMATraining Take: As the saying goes, “Talk is cheap.” I don’t doubt MacDonald means what he says but changing divisions is a major step and it’s impossible to know what the future holds. If St. Pierre doesn’t want to go to middleweight and the UFC pressures MacDonald into action, even throwing some extra money at him, why not just settle things in the cage and have a beer afterwards? It’s business, not personal.