Amir Sadollah is now up 2-0 against CB Dolloway and made quick work of the TUF housemate in winning the 7th edition of the Ultimate Fighter Saturday night in Las Vegas. The rematch was reminiscent of their first fight inside the house, each time Sadollah submitting Dolloway with an armbar. Sadollah, a Sambo black belt, who came into the TUF house with 0 Pro mma fights, (That’s right, 0) is now the TUF champion and was very deserved of the win Saturday night. I’m beginning to think these Sambo guys are onto something. (Please see Fedor Emelianenko). Dolloway was impressive throughout the show and looked strong on Saturday too. Although he lost Saturday, he should have a bright future in the UFC.

Grove and Sanchez back to form?

Kendall Grove looked dominant in his fight over an aging Evan Tanner. Grove controlled most of the action and looked to have the fight stopped on a few occasions. Tanner, a former UFC champion looked slow, old and most importantly, disinterested at times throughout the fight, as he suffered his second loss in a row. Grove was awarded a split decision win (which made no sense since Tanner was non existent most of the fight). Tanner’s future is up in the air, but after his last two performances, there may not be one in the UFC.

Diego Sanchez showed that his stand up continues to improve as he won a 3rd round TKO decision over Luigi Fioravanti. Sanchez won the first two round and in round 3 delivered a left head kick to Fioravanti that sent him wheeling back. Diego followed that up with a big knee to the head and strikes from the top and the fight was halted at 4:07 in round 3 and Sanchez hand raised.

Fight of the Night

If you head on over to UFC.COM you’re able to watch the non televised fight between Dustin Hazelett and Josh Burkman. This was a fast paced fight, with both guys landing big shots in the first round. The end of the fight came near the end of round 2, when Hazelett tightened up an arm bar starting from a standing position, in what was one of the nicest arm bars you’ll ever see. Go check it out.

Other Results
Spencer Fisher defeats Jeremy Stephens Decision (Unanimous)
Matt Riddle defeats Dante Rivera Decision (Unanimous)
Drew McFederies defeats Marvin Eastmon TKO (Punches Rd. 1 – 1:08)
Matt Brown defeats Matt Aroyo TKO (Strikes Rd. 2 – 3:40)
Dean Lister defeats Jeremy Horn Submission (Guillotine Choke Rd. 1 – 3:52)
Rob Kimmons defeats Rob Yundt Submissoin (Guillotine Choke Rd. 1 – 3:58)