Later tonight in Canada one of the most-hyped prospects in quite some time will take to the cage and start his journey down the path of a professional fighter.

Sergio Pettis, 18-year brother of WEC/UFC sensation Anthony Pettis, has had a highly successful amateur career he hopes will transition into a run at least matching his sibling’s own.

MMATraining spoke to Pettis about how his life has changed lately in preparation for his pro debut, and after the conversation it became even clearer why the “Phenom” comes with the label of a blue-chipper.

“I just graduated, but during wrestling season I finished all my homework, went to wrestling practice, and then Duke’s is right across the street so I’d just walk there after school,” Pettis explained about his routine up until this fall.

The “Duke” he is referring to is Duke Roufus of Roufusports in Milwaukee, a renowned gym where “Showtime”, Alan Belcher, Danny Downes, Ben Askren, and numerous other top talents train. Pettis first started working out with the group as a middle-schooler, and he hasn’t stopped since.

“Now I’m doing twice-a-days with conditioning in-between, sparring on Saturdays,” Pettis said of his workout since deciding to start earning paychecks earlier this year. “Sunday is my only day off so I don’t really have much time to go hang out with friends and stuff. Usually I’m training, coming home, relaxing, training, coming home…not much free time but it’s worth it.”

In fact, Pettis is so dedicated to the process, when asked about turning eighteen in August, he replied, “We went out to eat at this all-you-can-eat steak place with the team. It was really relaxing, just taking a day off from training was probably the best birthday gift I got.”

Such focus is a rare find in someone of Pettis’ age but that doesn’t mean he isn’t able to occasionally be an average teenager either…just not a lot of the time.

“My type of fun is just relaxing, maybe playing video games here and there or basketball every now and then.”

Pettis fights at CFC 7 tonight against Kyle Vivian who he expects to pick apart, then knock out with a headkick.

MMATraining Take: Only time will tell how good Pettis can be but he seems to be very poised, plus the fact he’s been working with high-class training partners since before he was old enough to drive is pretty damn impressive as well.