Image of Tim Sylvia courtesy of mmasplatter.comWe’ve all been there.

You are sitting around with some friends having a few drinks and it gets late and someone kicks off a game of silly bugger.

It’s not an official game like Monopoly, more just slurred ideas at the end of the night with someone looking to be Chief Silly Bugger before it is time to call it quits.

That had to have been the case with Tim Sylvia not too long ago. He was sick and tired of hearing from everyone else and after enough beers to drown a moose he blurted out “Oh yeah, I’m a gonna fight Ray Mercer. In a boxing match. Beat that!”

Only this time someone had a contract in hand and here we are talking about it for real.

The general information: May 30th, Trump Taj Mahal, Atlantic City.

The specifics: Oh dear.

It is hard to determine who is making the bigger mistake. Both athletes had respectable careers in their chosen sports and both are clearly past their prime. On one hand that makes it an interesting matchup; on the other it confirms both have no plans other than to do weird things with their time.

I put this one in the same category as Ben Johnson racing a horse. You feel sorry for both of them but at least in that one you had someone to cheer for (the horse, of course).

Let’s focus on Tim Sylvia as it is clear from Ray Mercer’s MMA debut against Kimbo that he’s just in this for grins. Where does Tim go from here in either possible outcome? A win and what next? A boxing career? A loss and… well, does a horse fit in the octagon?

Maybe Sylvia’s managers rented The Wrestler and decided if Mickey Rourke can go from movie star then professional boxer to a wrestler then Tim can go from MMA to professional boxing. Maybe?

Sometimes it is hard to let go of the spotlight and no doubt it would be tough to say goodbye with your final moments being a 30 some second loss to Fedor – but a boxing match against Ray Mercer?

Good luck to both Ray and Tim. May the best horse win.