It seems the “Spygate” scandal has taken an unexpected turn. In what started as mere allegations and pre-fight hype that Jon Jones had a spy in Quinton Jackson‘s training camp for the UFC 135 headlining bout tomorrow evening, has now become a little more interesting.

In an interview with ESPN on Friday morning, Jackson unveiled the name of the supposed spy, calling him “Leonard”. He asserted that the MusclePharm employee was fired because of his participation in the leaking of information to Jones’ camp. Following the interview Jackson tweeted, “I just outed the spy on SportsCenter…He’s done f— em!”.

Curiously enough, the Executive Vice President for MusclePharm, Leonard Armenta, resigned from his position in the company on September 16 during the height of this story.

Jones gave a response via his Twitter shortly after commenting, “Sucks some poor guy at MusclePharm got fired over Rampage’s paranoia.”

This all took place in the wake of MusclePharm signing a two-year sponsorship agreement with the UFC. Whether or not this is just a publicity stunt in the wake of tomorrows light heavyweight title fight or if it actually has substance to it remains to be seen until after the bout takes place.

UFC 135 can be watched on PPV starting at 9:00 PM EST with access to the preliminary fights being shown via Facebook and Spike TV.


MMATraining Take: This is an intriguing turn of events, as many fans were brushing off Jacksons allegations as mere hype to sell PPV buys. I get the sense that more information on this story will be disclosed once the results of the fight are decided. MusclePharm is one of the primary sponsors of tomorrows PPV, so for an Executive Vice President to resign because of this story is particularly interesting. I for one am eager to hear new information on this story, and for the two headliners to finally throw down and put the talk behind them.