There are a lot of good young fighters competing all across the United States that many of us will never have the opportunity to watch perform. There are a lot of reasons why they never get a shot at the big time, some of them have poor representation, and some of them are too good for the regional circuit, but not quite good enough for the UFC, Strikeforce or Bellator.

Alchemist Management is very good at finding these fighters and helping them grow in and out of the cage. It’s a lot easier for a mixed martial artist to become better when he concentrate solely on training and leave the contracts and endorsement deals up to others. One such fighter that Alchemist has under contract is Steve Magdaleno, a 30-year old featherweight looking for his shot at the big time.

The man who shares the nickname “Dream” with Diego Sanchez has all the tools to get to the top and now that he has people with his best interests at heart he can continue to hone his skills. He lives and trains in California and has a good base of teachers to help him reach his goals.

“I’m based out of L.A. and I have been training with Vladimir Matyushenko for the past couple of years,” Magdaleno told MMATraining in an exclusive interview. “I jump around a lot out here and also train at a gym called P.K.G. (Punch, Kick, Grapple) with guys like Chad George, Gabe Ruediger and Mac Danzig. I train with Vladimir on my wrestling and he’s usually in my corner. I train with boxing coach Seb Zewdie at P.K.G.

Magdaleno is preparing for his next fight which will take place this Friday night in California at a catchweight of 150lbs.

“I’m fighting Tom Gloudeman at BAMMA USA at the Commerce Casino,” said Magdaleno. “He’s 6-1, but I don’t think he’s fought anyone of my caliber before. This is a big step-up in competition for him. The co-main event has former UFC fighter Mike Guymon facing Mike Dizak.”

A Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu blackbelt, Magdaleno doesn’t just consider himself a ground fighter; in fact he believes he can win a fight wherever it goes.

“My striking is pretty good and I consider myself a pretty well-rounded fighter,” admitted Magdaleno. “I’ve won some amateur kickboxing tournaments and I’ve won my last two fights by knockout. I wrestled in high school and started BJJ at 16. I consider myself a striker/grappler.”

Although he is just 30-years-old Magdaleno has certainly done his share of traveling. He spoke very highly of his time in Japan and trained alongside one of their more popular fighters.

“I lived in Japan for about two years, my whole reason for going over was to fight there,” Magdaleno revealed. “I trained at a pretty good gym and they got me into the Pancrase Neo-Blood tournament which I wound up winning. It was a great experience training with Minowaman every week and I trained with Masakatsu Funaki once and Shinya Aoki as well. I also trained with Katsuhiko Nagata once also,”

Though he was wasn’t successful in getting into the house, Magdaleno tried out for The Ultimate Fighter Season 12 with Georges St-Pierre and Josh Koscheck as coaches. He lost his fight, but was given some good feedback from GSP.

“I missed getting into the house, we had a pretty good fight, but I lost by decision,” explained Magdaleno. “They show most of my fight on television so I got some exposure from that. Koscheck said some good things about my fight and GSP was really nice. He consoled me after the fight and said I showed some good skills, especially in the last round. I messed up on a throw and I think that’s why I lost the round.”

At 11-3 and on a two-fight winning streak Magdaleno is feeling good and in his prime. With a strong work ethic and some good coaches we could be seeing him in the UFC Featherweight division real soon. He sees big things in his future.

“I feel pretty good and a lot better than I have ever felt before,” said the Torrance, CA native. “I always was a good fighter, but I feel like technically everything is coming together for me. I have to keep winning and getting those Ws. I see myself in the big show hopefully sooner rather than later. I’ve been fighting since 2006 and I have gained some good experience. When I tried out for TUF I was a good fighter, but I’m more mature and a more complete fighter than at any time in my past.”


MMATraining Take: Magdaleno is a great guy is seems to have a great future ahead of him. After speaking with him I can definitely say I’ll be keeping my eye on his career and I suggest others do the same.