PrintWe have all done it.

We have all chased after something we are passionate about even if there are countless examples of why it will fail.     We put on our happy ears and only hear the good news, the reasons why it will lead to fame and fortune and start investing.

Then it fails miserably and we think – why didn’t anyone tell me this was dumb?  

It is only years later that we ask the right question – why was I so dumb?

For the shareholders, investors and passionate followers of Strikeforce I would like to read to you the headlines of the press release on Strikeforce that will hit the newsstands and online outlets sometime within the next twelve months:
“Strikeforce Folds, Assets Picked up by UFC”

History should be a good indicator here.  Take a look at every major sport that calls North America its home base and point to a successful second league.

Baseball?  No.

Football?  Tried that with the American Football League years ago.  Result – merged the NFL.

Basketball?  No.

Hockey?  Also tried with the World Hockey League.  Any World Hockey League fans out there now?

And then there was mixed martial arts with EliteXC (knock, knock), Affliction (who’s there?), IFL (nobody), Pride (nobody who?) and now Strikeforce (Nobody fighting for those organizations anymore). 

All these alternative leagues have done over the years is artificially inflate the competitors’ pay for a short period of time.  Then they fold. 

In the meantime, we get a watered down selection of competition. 

The UFC itself doesn’t have enough depth of talent in a few divisions let alone MMA trying to support several different leagues.  Look at the heavyweight division in the UFC – is it possible we are going to see the winner of Couture/Nogueira fight Lesnar?  Couture/Lesnar II? 


EliteXC and Strikeforce had a platform – one real ugly guy and one attractive woman, come see them fight.  Then disaster.  The real ugly guy lost to my mom and the attractive woman lost to the first competitor that didn’t look like talking tree bark.  

Fedor didn’t make Affliction a viable business, Kimbo couldn’t keep EliteXC alive and Gina failed in her attempt at putting Strikeforce in the minds of the mainstream. 

RIP Strikeforce – Aug 2010.