werdum-fedorIt wasn’t just Fedor that tapped out last night – Strikeforce did too. Give Strikeforce time to die its rightful death but do not debate the conclusion – Strikeforce is tapping out.

Strikeforce is learning a painful lesson that could have been avoided. They are following the failed strategy of the World Hockey League (Bobby Hull), The American Football League (Joe Namath) and The North American Soccer League (Pele) in signing big names in hopes of eating away at the established player in their market. Never worked before, won’t work now.

Strikeforce bet on Fedor with a big contract. They tossed in Dan Henderson as a little salad dressing on the Emperor’s salad.

Henderson lost, bad.

Fedor tapped, early.

Strikeforece, died last night.

There were a good number of empty seats visible last night and Werdum just isn’t a name that is going to draw the big dollars Strikeforce needs to carry itself to UFC competitive levels, or even enough to cover the hefty contracts they signed with Fedor and Hendo.

Fedor gave his usual insightful and charismatic interview post fight.

SF : Fedor, what are you feeling now after your first real loss?

FE: Nothing.

No shit Fedor didn’t feel anything at that moment. Here is what went through his mind but he decided to go with stare straight ahead and say nothing.

1. “I feel great. I signed a big contract; and I get paid lots and lots of money to fight people like Buster Douglas or whoever the guy was in that last fight I had before this tall guy choked me tonight. People in North America cheer for me as though Russia and the USA are close friends and I take all of my money back to Russia and buy a lot of food to feed my little tummy. See my tummy? It’s got plenty of padding from all of the meat I can afford with my Strikeforce money. Ha ha ha ha ha. See, it jiggles when I laugh.”

2. “What was that tribute to Frank Shamrock and did he make those braces himself? I mean really, I live in a tiny town but even we have dentists. There is this new product that is invisible braces that are only a few dollars more than the standard package. I bow to you Frank but when I bow please don’t take any of my money out of my pocket. I’m sorry your brother beat you up, it is possible he was on steroids at the time.”

3. “How does it feel? It feels terrible. I just spent the first minute of my fight in between an arm bar and a triangle choke. I don’t even know which one had me tap; it was just an overall tap. I wanted to do the Hulk Hogan pretend like my arm was dead and then start pointing up and my leg twitching and I rise up as the crowd cheers like I practiced but it hurt and I have lots of money so I don’t want to hurt.”

4. “You must lose to win. You must fall to rise up. My translator is one ugly woman but she is reasonably attractive in Rubizhne.”

5. “Everybody Sambo!”

6. “Where is Megadeth and the really tall guy? “

Strikeforce cringed last night when Fedor tapped out. They can do the math and it isn’t pretty.

EliteXC, gone.

Affliction, gone.

Pride, gone.

Strikeforce, gone.

Mark your calendars, Strikeforce died last night.