Few MMA fans, if any, have forgotten Lyoto Machida‘s finish of Randy Couture this past April at UFC 129 given the brutal nature of the knockout as well as the technique used to dislodge the former double-divisional champion’s tooth en route to a career-ending stoppage. For those of you who are either new to the sport or have suffered some sort of severe blunt trauma to your head over the past seven months, “The Dragon” used a perfectly placed front kick to Couture’s chin after setting the strike up by faking with the opposite leg beforehand.

With only two weeks to go before Machida meets light heavyweight title-holder Jon Jones in the main event at UFC 140 he is no doubt working on refining a number of skills. However, in this MMATraining Technique of the Day, he offers instruction on how to deliver a Flying Front Kick with relative perfection and why the initial set-up is so important to the move’s success.